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“What I’m All About”


Working Hard On Things That Matter

The two weeks I spent on a service trip to the Philippines were the best time of my life.

My day started early as I woke up covered in sweat to a room with no A/C and a cold shower.

The days were spent clearing out debris, talking with locals and learning their stories, shoveling gravel for a new house foundation, carrying 50lb bags of rice uphill, and playing with the kids – even those who lived in the Manila Smokey Mountain garbage dump.

By the end of the day I was dirty, sweaty and exhausted.

And I loved it.



Taking Action and Pushing Myself

After a life-changing 2 weeks in the Philippines I knew that I had to get back there.

I didn’t just dream about the life I wanted – I took action to get it.

Following the guidelines in the Four Hour Workweek I tested a lot of online business ideas, most of which failed terribly. But eventually one muse worked really well.

In college we were required to complete a really challenging business simulation game. So I created a strategy guide to show students how to get an “A” grade in it quickly and easily.

I worked my ass off building this business with no prior experience – I had to learn deep customer research, writing sales page copy, SEO, how to split test, customer support – all the different aspects of a successful membership site.

The result? The site was a bigger success than I ever expected – making over $2000 per month. In fact, it was so great that the company who made the business game sued me and forced me to take down my website.

Sometimes risks turn out badly, but I know that I won’t grow as a person unless I push myself out of my comfort zone.

I know that I have the abilities and determination to take action and get your business to the next level – expanding revenue, freeing up time for you to work on the (awesome) podcast, and giving you peace of mind knowing that I’ve got the business handled.

I look forward seeing you in Bali.

p.s. 3 of my favorite blogs are:

Ramit Sethi – I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Simon Black – Sovereign Man

Tynan – Life Outside the Box

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