Welcome to Paradise: Double Six Beach in Bali
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After nearly 30 hours of traveling, a misunderstanding at immigration almost causing an international incident, and getting totally lost on the streets of Bali, I finally arrived.

Before I knew it, I was on the back of Dan’s motorbike speeding across crowded Bali streets to a restaurant in Seminyak where we ate delicious Balinese food. Then we relaxed at a beach bar on Double Six beach. We looked out at the ocean waves and had great conversation while sipping on some drinks. Tropical MBA semester 3 was under way.

The Location Independent Crew in Bali

I’ve already had the opportunity to meet some really awesome people here in Bali.

  • Dan Andrews – The big boss man. He runs the Tropical MBA and Lifestyle Business Podcast and isn’t afraid to party.
  • David Hehenberger – The TMBA semester 2 intern from Austria who spent 6 months in the Philippines and 6 months traveling around Asia.
  • Lewis Quarterly – The TMBA semester 4 intern from London who will be helping me pimp out SEO for Dan’s business.
  • David McKeegan – Owns Greenback Tax Services for American expats. He’s really knowledgeable and was living in Brazil before heading to Bali with his family.
  • Tommy Schultz – An avid surfer and expert photographer. His photos of Bali are just stunning. He took us out to the surfer beach in Jimbaran and the current was so strong I almost got sucked out into the ocean.

There aren’t many location independent types here in Bali yet, but from what I’ve seen Bali seems like the complete package:

  • low cost of living
  • gorgeous surroundings
  • nice beaches
  • cute girls
  • great nightlife
  • delicious food
  • lots of adventure

The Environment of Bali

Bali is hot and beautiful. The architecture and the beaches are gorgeous. The food is delicious.










The traffic can get pretty crazy with motorbikes driving on the sides of the road and everyone cutting each other off. Having a motorbike is a necessity to get around.

The Indonesian people seem friendly and helpful but not overbearing. Whereas in the Philippines you are treated like a celebrity simply for being an American.

English is pretty widely spoken and Indonesian girls have the cutest accents. Learning a little Indonesian goes a long way.

Living in Bali

Bali really has a little something for everyone. You can enjoy delicious food on the cheap at a local market or sip expensive drinks at a baller beachside bar like Potato Head.










Indonesian food is great but there are also lots of other ethnic options as well – Thai, Chinese, etc. There is even great Western food here too – I ate amazing Italian a few nights back.

How much you spend in Bali really depends on what your lifestyle is – I would say a good average is $1500 per month if you get a nice apartment, eat out for most meals, and go out for drinks 3-4 nights a week. The range varies from $1000 per month on the low end to $2000 a month for baller status.

The nightlife options here are just staggering – going to the huge mega club Skygarden is quite an experience. There are parties on the beach, low-key bars, and plenty of dance clubs. Pretty much the whole spectrum.

Time to Adjust

The first few days in Bali were a bit overwhelming, but now a week after arrival I finally feel like I am starting to “get it”, I am not totally lost everywhere. I started learning how to ride a motorbike. I started learning Indonesian. I found my favorite place to eat great food cheap. I partied on the beach. I met interesting people. I had crazy adventures.

If this first week was any indication… the next 6 months are going to be a blast.


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