Corporate culture
corporate culture

WINNIA promote corporate culture based on the following idea:
1. Customer First
We uphold to help customers achieve sustained success in its business in the industry as the target. In order to win customer satisfaction and trust, we will care what our customers want and is concerned. We seek and listen carefully to the views of customers.

Who we are
Who we are

WINNIA Inspection Services Ltd. provides third-party inspection services, services include: Into the quality inspection, Full inspection, Random inspection, Factory-stationed quality control, Container loading check, Supplier Audit.
The company was established in 2010 in Hong Kong. In 2014, Hong Kong companies invest 1 million to establish WINNIA Inspection Services Ltd. in Dongguan City,

Service Object
service object

Anyone with a need to ensure suppliers and product quality in CHINA, from entrepreneurs to multinational retailers.
WINNIA Inspection serves clients from all industries, with specialized teams defining the right testing protocols for your product.

Operation procedure
Operation procedure

· Fill in your inspection booking form.
· Send your completed inspection application form and inspection requirements to
· The order processing center will reply to you by email to confirm that the order has been received and confirm the inspection with the supplier in advance. If the inspection cannot be arranged according to the agreed time, it will reply to you by email again to negotiate the final inspection date.After confirmation, inspectors will be arranged to inspect the goods at the designated place according to the agreed inspection time.
· After the inspection, you will get the feedback of the inspection result as soon as possible, and receive the complete inspection report before 12 noon the next day.

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