How do I track search engine results for my 4HWW Muse, analyze the competition, and measure the effectiveness of my SEO efforts?

These kind of questions keep popping up from 4HWW Muse creators, so I wrote this quick start guide to get you going in the right direction.

There are three parts to any effective SEO strategy for a 4HWW Muse:
1. Initial keyword research and niche identification
2. SEO analysis and tracking of search rankings and competitors
3. Optimizing on-page SEO and building links to increase search rankings

This post covers #2: How to analyze competitors and track your search rankings

It is critical that you track and measure your SEO results over time so you can figure out what strategies are effective and where you need to improve your site. You will also gain very important insights from analyzing the SEO competition for your main keywords.

SERPFox allows you to easily track the keyword search engine rankings of your website over time. The best part is that the rank tracking is totally automatic – every couple of hours SERPFox will pull rankings from Google for your keywords all without any input from you. Then anytime you want to check your rankings you can view them over a time frame of hours, days, weeks, or months to find trends. Check out the SERPFox free trial which allows you to track 10 keywords for free.

SerpFox Screen


SERPIQ is a fantastic search engine competition analysis tool. It gives you detailed reports about everything from on-page SEO optimization to analyzing backlinks to tracking your social media value. Your website is given an overall rating compared to the competition on the Google front page. The best part is that SerpIQ tells you exactly where your website is missing important SEO optimizations, and where your competitors have an advantage over you. Make sure to check out the SERPIQ free trial which allows you to analyze 5 keywords for free.

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If you are creating a 4HWW Muse or online business then SERPFox and SERPIQ will save you HOURS of time and frustration doing your SEO analysis and tracking. And you can try them out for free… so start tracking and improving your 4HWW Muse Search Rankings now.


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