How do I come up with an idea for my 4HWW Muse product?

Some people might think that a successful 4HWW muse idea is magicly created as if out of thin air. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Trying to divine the “perfect idea” in a vacuum rarely works.

The best 4HWW muse ideas always come about from your own personal experience. Time and time again I see successful online businesses being developed by people scratching their own itch or the itch of their clients.

Examples, more examples, even more examples

Their successful 4HWW muse idea came as a result of their direct interaction in the target market.

Some people think first: “If I find a keyword with X amount of searches and Y amount of competition then I could make a profitable ebook.

You are missing the point.

  1. Identify a problem in your life or work
  2. Find out if other people have the same problem
  3. Come up with a rough draft of your solution (it doesn’t need to be perfect)
  4. Test Demand – Try to charge money for your solution
  5. Figure out how to get more people to view your solution offering
  6. If your solution sells… then find a way to systematize and productize to minimize your time input.
There isn’t some magic combination of keywords that you can throw up one site with a half-assed info product that makes you enough money to sit on a beach all day long.

If you don’t have a real solution to a problem that people are willing to pay money for… then keyword research isn’t going to help you.

Passive income takes hard work. 


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