Have you ever wanted to have a beautiful tropical island with white sand beaches all to yourself?

Waniban Island - Mati, Philippines

I got the chance of a lifetime to take a wild day long boat trip from Mati, Philippines to the uninhabited Waniban Island.

The previous night our motorbike got a flat tire and we were forced to pull into a tire shop to repair it. At the tire shop we met several Filipinos including the owner Frank who was quite friendly.

We talked about the lives of people in Mati, a very rural area, compared to what I experienced in Davao. I found out that workers at the local mall in Mati get paid 80 pesos ($2.00) for an 8 hour workday with no compensation for food or transporation.

The entire week I was in Mati I only saw one other white person and it was some creepy old guy. The Philippines southern island of Mindanao has a reputation for being unsafe for foreigners. The topic of safety came up and Frank said he knew some people in the Muslim extremist groups, but Mati was safe and I was protected with him. At the time I thought little of it because everyone in Mati had been so nice and friendly.

Frank offered to take us on a day long boat tour with his crew to the beautiful and uninhabited Waniban Island for 3500 pesos (about $80). Of course my girlfriend and I jumped at the opportunity.

After Frank’s wife cooked us a delicious Filipino fish soup breakfast, we departed Dahican Beach on a small Banca boat and headed for the beatiful white sands of the deserted Waniban Island.

Dahican Beach - Mati, Philippines


The scenery of the Mati shoreline was spectacular and some of the best I’ve ever seen in the world. Very few people live in Mati and so it is almost full natural beauty.

Near Masau Beach - Mati, Philippines


The water was calm for the first 30 minutes, but as the wind speed picked up the waves kept getting bigger. Soon our boat was bouncing up and down like some endless water roller coaster. It wasn’t long before I started to feel sick, like really seasick.


My stomach couldn’t take it any more and I vomited over the side of the boat. All the delicious breakfast I had eaten earlier was now shared with the fishes. My energy was sapped and soon I passed out on the boat from exhaustion.


—Continued In Part 2



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