—–Continued from Part 1—–

After choppy ocean waves made me seasick, vomit, and then pass out on our 2 hour boat ride from hell, I awoke to landing at a different beach to meet Frank for lunch.


I was so glad to finally make it to shore again and stand on solid ground. Frank’s friends cooked us a fish and rice lunch. I ate a little but still felt pretty sick from the boat ride.

After lunch we got back on the boat and headed for the now closeby Waniban Island.

Waniban Island near Mati, Philippines


As we got within view of Waniban’s white sand beaches I immediately knew that the 2 hour boat ride was worth it. We had this pristine island all to ourselves.


Crystal turqoise water. Check. White sand. Check. Uninhabited. Check.

Waniban Island near Mati, Philippines


We hang out on the island all afternoon swimming in the turqoise water, playing in the white sand, and exploring this small piece of paradise.


No one lives on the island but there are huts for the caretakers who occasionally stop by.

Waniban Island near Mati, Philippines


Also it turns out that the locals take pets they don’t want to care for to the island to abandon. We saw a lonely dog, several small goats, and heard the cries of many stray cats coming from the hillside. Waniban was an island of lost pets.

Waniban Island near Mati, Philippines


As the sun started to set we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our white sand island paradise and head back to mainland Mati. Luckily the waves were much calmer now and I didn’t feel the urge to share my lunch with the fishes.

Waniban Island near Mati, Philippines


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