philippines panas waterfalls

One of the best parts of the Philippines is the natural beauty found throughout the country. There really is some world class scenery, much of which is undiscovered by foreign tourists. Once you get out of the big cities and get some help from the locals you can find a little piece of non-commercialized paradise.

Like most remote parts of the Philippines, getting to your destination is usually quite an adventure. From Davao City we took a bus 1.5 hrs to get to Tagum City. From Tagum City we took a Jeepney for 30 minutes to get to Panas. And from Panas we rode on the back of a motorbike for 40 minutes through small Filipino villages, bumpy dirt roads, and steep mountain trails to get to the Panas waterfalls.


My legs were really sore from riding 40 minutes on the back of a motorbike with 3 (!) other people in the traditional Filipino style. Once I saw the waterfalls though, I knew the temporary discomfort was well worth it.

me at the philippines panas waterfalls


As per the usual in the Philippines the air temperature was really hot and humid. However, the water pouring down over the rocks was ice cold and it wasn’t long before I was shivering.

me at the philippines panas waterfalls


We spent the whole afternoon playing and relaxing in the falls. Before we knew it the time was getting late and we drove back over the mountainside to a nearby market to grab a snack. The fruit in the picture is Durian (which I think is gross). I just had some bananas instead (which are way more delicious than bananas in the US).

fruit market durian

fruit market philippines panas


We got back on the motorbike and rode off into the sunset knowing that we still had many adventures to come.

philippines motorbike sunset

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